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Liz for Travis County Sheriff Campaign

Experience Matters

Sgt. Liz Donegan (Ret.) brings a wealth of experience to the position of Travis County Sheriff. She began her career in public service with the United States Army. Liz served overseas with the 295th Aviation Company in Mannheim Germany. After completing her tour of duty, she moved to Austin in 1989. Liz worked for the Travis County Sheriff’s office from 1990 to 1992 as a correctional officer. She went back to college while working full time and finished her B. S. degree in Social Psychology from Park University (Magna Cum Laude). In 1992 she began her career with the Austin Police Department, which would span the next 26 years until her retirement.

What Liz Believes

Since she was young, Liz has been committed to and passionate about serving her community as a law enforcement officer.

She believes in doing the work and doing it well. She believes in the men and women in uniform who serve our communities. Liz has done the work, so she understands the immense responsibility and incredible pressure law enforcement deals with on a day-to-day basis.

She is known for her integrity, leadership and commitment to performing her duties responsibly and competently. Liz believes in bringing best practices and evidence-based approaches to create and implement solutions to problems. She also believes in surrounding herself with the best people and listening to all sides. She has proven ability to effect real change in the response, investigation and prosecution of sexual assault; and she will bring the same effective and practical approach to combatting other areas of crime. She is also a compassionate leader and colleague and will focus on innovative approaches for those in our community, as well as fellow officers, who are afflicted with mental health issues and addiction.

Liz invites the community to be real partners in developing and implementing real solutions to Travis County’s key law enforcement challenges. She is committed to making our county a safe place for our community and for those who serve here.

As Sheriff, I pledge to protect and serve all members of the community regardless of race, color, creed, immigration status, gender or whom you choose to love. As a member of the LGBTQI + community, I know the pain of exclusion.  Every community member deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Most importantly, everyone, that interacts with law enforcement should feel safe and know that reporting is the right thing to do.


Registration Deadline for the Primary:
February 2, 2020

Early Vote Dates:
February 18-28, 2020

Primary Election Day:
March 3, 2020